Japanese Green Tea Powder CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA 100g 2018 Harvest from JAPAN

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”Quality Green Tea $0.99~” CLICK HERE Our Kabusecha was introduced by a magazine “Josei-jishin May 4th edition” Kabusecha is a sweet and less bitterness taste like a Gyokuro. And it has a peculiar taste. 100% natural, Benihuuki-tea immidiately reduces polinosis sympton(nasal mucus/congestion, sneez and itchy eyes exacervation. 伊勢茶 最高級の一番茶を100%使用 日本茶  ●Sample Set  ●玉露   Gyokuro  ●煎茶

”Quality Green Tea $0.99~” CLICK HERE Our Kabusecha was introduced by a magazine “Josei-jishin May 4th edition” Kabusecha is a sweet and less bitterness taste like a Gyokuro. And it has a peculiar taste. 100% natural, Benihuuki-tea immidiately reduces polinosis sympton(nasal mucus/congestion, sneez and itchy eyes exacervation. 伊勢茶 最高級の一番茶を100%使用 日本茶  ●Sample Set  ●玉露   Gyokuro  ●煎茶   Sencha  ●かぶせ茶   Kabusecha  ●芽茶   Mecha  ●茎茶   Kukicha  ●玄米茶   Genmaicha  ●ほうじ茶   Houjicha  ●粉茶   Konacha  ●荒茶   Aracha  ●抹茶   Matcha  ●新茶   Shincha  ●Gift  ●Powdered Tea   Supplement  ●Kuradashicha  ●Tea pot Click here Please Try 7 kinds of SAMPLE SET at the very first time FREE SHIPPING Click here Most Sold MATCHA on ebay of directly from Japan. FREE SHIPPING Click here Kit Kat Matcha FREE SHIPPING 2017 Japanese Green Tea Powder Ceremonial grade Macha Isenoshizuku伊勢の雫100g(3.5oz) ground by traditional stone mill. Harvested & Processed in JAPAN. On 2018 August 19, this matcha changed from 2017 harvest to 2018 harvest. this year, 2018 matcha was processed with a higher temperature than ever before. thousands sold on ebay Most sold Matcha direct from Japan on ebay.  24USD + Shipping fee  ↓ 15.52USD FREE SHIPPING -This fresh matcha was cultivated and processed in Japan, and will be shipped directly from Japan. Macha quality and price are varied mainly by procedures and the time of harvest. Low priced macha is harvested in fall and produced by a “ball mill” which can produce massively (produces 1000g per hour approx.) by this method, it deteriorates quolity of Matcha in color, scent, taste, natural sweetness and good nutritions by heat. Matcha that was ground by Ball Mill precipated in water cleary after minuits Our Matcha is harvested in Spring, and spent a lot of time for grounding with a stone mill as a traditional procedure. This procedure enhances Matcha`s aroma and sweetness, and it`s color and scent are kept fresh. After tasting this Matcha, Rich Aroma remains in a nose. A stone mill can mill matcha particle smaller than 10μ. our matcha will not be precipitated in water after mins. One stone mill can produce Matcha only 30g to 40g per hour. To ship fresh matcha, We produce Matcha only for orders. Here is a matcha directly from Japan, the best quality for price. Recommended Matcha for ceremoney and for cooking. -Ceremonial style: Put about 2g Matcha and 80 Celsius once boiled hot water into a cup, use Tea Whisk and mix matcha and the hot water like writing “m” and get rid of matcha lumps with it. Tea strainer is recommended to break matcha lumps. -Matcha Latte: 1. Heat Milk 200cc. and Sugar 10g to 15g (Try Non Calory Sugar Luo Han Guo Monk Fruit). 2. Use tea strainer and put Matcha 2g to 3g into a cup and pour little amount of the milk and stir the milk and matcha well. You can use Tea Whisk or Frother and make good and foamy latte. 3. When milk become warm enough, pour the rest of milk into the cup. You can add some matcha powder on top of the matcha latte using tea strainer to look good. You can add Icecube and make cold Matcha Latte this way as well in stead of heating milk. -Matcha Ice Cream with Vanilla: 1. Mix tea spoon of water with Matcha 1 to 3 tea spoons (use tea strainer) and stir untill matcha lumps dissapear. 2. Pour onto Vanilla Ice Creme 100g. You can stir and mix them like a Turkish Ice creame texture. in the end you can pour matcha powder using tea strainer on matcha ice cream and on dish with crackers. If Matcha Ice creme is too soft, put it into Freezer for a while. Payment ●Paypal  ※All payments are due 30 days from the day of first won item. Shipping ● We ship item with Air Mail or EMS(recomended) to all over the world. ● We can ship to your friend address directly. For shipping directly to recipient address, please change Paypal name and address to addresse’s name and address. Air Mail (Economy International Flat Rate Shipping Service) ●It takes approximately 7 to 70 days for mail to arrive at the destination. ●In some cases, it may take longer due to the handling system of the destination country. ※Not traceable and can not be indemnified for loss and damage. Free Shipping +$0 for each additional item EMS (Expedited International Flat Rate Shipping Service) ●3 to 9 business days. ●Safest and Fastest shippng method. ●Traceable and Insuarance is included in shipping fee and available up to 20000yen (approx.200USD) for compensation. $24.99 +$0 for each additional item Timing of sending items All shipping will be proceeded after payments are completeded. Tax Tax is included in an item price. BUT Depending on countries and items,               there might be duty charge imposed by custom. Return and Exchange Return or Exchange is not acceptable unless we sent a wrong item. ※Return or exchange is only within 7 days from the arrival of package. Approx.70% of nutrition that does not dissolve into water. Approx.30% of nutrition that dissolves into water. Carotenoid (Vitamine A) ●Oxidation prevention of cholesterol Vitamine C ●The promotion of collagen generation. ●prevention of ageing and sickness・Prevention of a Wrincle, a freckle and a spot. Beautification and whitening ●Enhancement of immunity ●Cancer prevention・Prevention of Arteriosclerosis・ It is related to the generation of the anti-stres hormone. ●It takes part in the alcohol decomposition. ●It takes part in the detoxifying process of the liver. Vitamine E ●Adjustment of cholesterol ●Prevention of stiff shoulders ●Oxidation prevention of cell ●Stabilization of cell film Chlorophyll ●Beautification and whitening Vitamine P (Rutin) ●Absorption of vitamin C and it`s the function are improved. ●build up capillary health ●Prevention of high blood pressure No solubleness Fiber ●Prevention of blood pressure and blood sugar level from rising ●Activation of activity in intestines・Poisonous substance excretion promotion Caffeine ●Improvement of concentration ●Improvement of fat combustion at aerobics Saponin ●Anti-inflammation action ●Antiallergic action ●Blood pressure descent action ●Obesity prevention action ●Anti-influenza action Protain ●It is indispensable to make the muscle. Niacin (Vitamine 3) ●Improvement of The blood circulation●Cholesterol decrease ●Cell metabolism&Restoration of gene ●It takes part in the insulin synthesis. No solubleness catechin ●Cancer prevention ●Decrease of cholesterol ●Foul breath and decayed tooth prevention Pantothenic acid (Vitamine 5) ●Improvement of the recovery of the wound ●It is resistance power to the infectious disease. ●Tiredness prevention ●Reduction of side effect of medicine ●prevention of stress ●Increase of The beneficial cholesterol ●Keeping the health of the skin ●Metabolism of energy(obesity prevention) No solubleness Mineral ●Maintain a good physical condition Folic acid・ Biotinbiotin ●Generate normal DNA, and the cancer cell is not made by the correction. ●Pernicious anaemia prevention ●Working of the neuronal cell is maintained. ●Arteriosclerosis prevention Powder Green Tea can take all nutriotions of Green tea Amino Acid (Theanine) ●Tranquilizing effects(Fall in blood pressure and Calm) Amino Acid (GABA) ●Fall in blood pressure Water solubility catechin (Tannin) ●Cancer prevention ●Decrease of cholesterol ●Foul breath and Decayed tooth prevention Water solubility Mineral ●Maintain a good physical conditi Vitamine B1,B2,B3、B5 Vitamine B1 ●The carbohydrate in the energy source is indispensable to the energy transduction. ●Prevention of the tiredness accumulation ●Functional maintenance of central nerve and peripheral nerve ●Easing of stress Vitamine B2 ●Preventive improvement such as stomatitises ●The skin like oil is held. ●Help of decomposition of alcohol ●Help of resolution of fat and converts it into energy. ●Promote metabolism and maintain a skin health Vitamine B3 ※Refer to the niacin. Vitamine B5 ※Refer to the pantothenic acid. We ship all items and Gift items directly to your friend’s address from Japan. ●For shipping directly to recipient address, please change Paypal address to receipiant’s name and address. ※Air Mail (Economy Flat Rate Shipping Service) may take more than 1 or 2 montbs and no tracking system and no insurace. If you`d like your item to be shipped by specific day with tracking system and insurance for loss and damage, please use EMS (Expedited Flat Rate Shipping Service). EMS take around a week to arrive.  All of our tea is cultivated and processed in Ise area. Ise tea has many victories. and always achieved a high rank in prize shows. Compared from other area tea, Ise tea has more catechin which has a high antioxidizing effect, and it has an established reputation with a deep sweetness and aroma. Gyokuro 特上玉露 TokujouGyokuro (Containing tea of The whole country ・Kansai prize show) 100g Gyokuro 上玉露 100g JouGyokuro 100g Gyokuro すいざわ 特選玉露 Suizawa Tokusen Gyokuro 100g Sencha 極上煎茶 GokujouSencha 100g Sencha 特上煎茶 TokujouSencha 100g Sencha 上煎茶 JouSencha 100g Kabusecha 高級抹茶入り かぶせ茶 KoukyuuMacchairi Kabusecha 100g Kabusecha すいざわ 特上かぶせ茶 SuizawaTokujou Kabuse 100g Kabusecha すいざわかぶせ茶 SuizawaKabuse 100g Kabusecha New Convinient Tea Bags 5g x15 bags Kariganecha 玉露かりがね GyokuroKarigane 100g Kariganecha 極上煎茶かりがね GokujouSencha Karigane 100g Kariganecha 上煎茶かりがね Jousencha Karigane 100g Kariganecha かぶせかりがね KabuseKarigane 100g Genmaicha 特上玉露玄米茶 TokujouGyokuro Genmaicha 100g Genmaicha 玉露玄米茶 Gyokuro Genmaicha 200g Houjicha 特上玉露ほうじ Tokujou GyokuroHouji 100g Houjicha 特上煎茶ほうじ Tokujou SenchaHouji 100g Houjicha ほうじ茶 Houjicha 200g Konacha 極上玉露粉 GokujouGyokuroko 100g Konacha 玉露粉 Gyokuroko 200g Konacha 深むし玉露粉 Hukamushi Gokujouko 100g SOLD OUT Aracha 玉露荒茶 GyokuroArach 200g Aracha かぶせ荒茶 KabuseAracha 200g Gift201 Gift202 Gift203 Gift204 Gift205 Gift206 Gift207 Gift208 Gift209 Gift210 Gift211 Matcha Ise no Shizuku 100g


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